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Mim Chowdhury
Jun 21, 2022
In Agriculture Forum
There has always been a change in relative magnitude, and it was basically stable at around 10 until February 2018. It can be judged that it is a very potential APP. Fourth, demand analysis and user portrait 1. Demand analysis (1) Basic needs whatsapp Database Satisfying instant communication and sharing life, and being able to chat with interested strangers, etc. can meet the basic needs of users to use products are all basic needs. (2) Desired needs It has functions such whatsapp Database as comments, likes, favorites and sharing, rich square content, one-click return to the top in the process of pulling down to watch the square. Searching for the content you want to watch, audio content, and modifying various information and settings. It is an expected demand, which meets the functions whatsapp Database and content expected by users. (3) Excited needs Planet matching, soul self-assessment games, privacy protection, interesting push participation topics, soulmate special relationship establishment and other functions that satisfy users' normal social functions and can better whatsapp Database promote users to use products belong to exciting needs. 2. User portrait (1) User gender ratio and age distribution It can be seen from the figure that there are more female users than males. In terms of age, this is a software suitable for young people, and the main users are users under the age of 35. Such users are more inclined whatsapp Database to make more strangers to expand their circle of friends and find interesting people. (2) User regional distribution and application preferences From the figure above, the user population is mainly concentrated in whatsapp Database relatively developed areas, of which Guangdong Province ranks first with a proportion of 8.99%. These places have a large number of college campuses and enterprises.
Thoughts of a Fresh Graduate whatsapp Database content media
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