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sukanto Kuri
Jun 30, 2022
In Agriculture Forum
Dyeing Technology" includes three parts. The first part is the dyeing and finishing of cellulose fiber fabrics, which is divided into five chapters. Drying, mercerizing cotton, high-efficiency short-process technology, etc.; the second chapter introduces cotton fabric dyeing, mainly from the basic knowledge of dyeing, reactive dye dyeing, vat dye dyeing, sulfur dye dyeing, paint dyeing, direct dye dyeing and other categories. The third chapter is cotton fabric printing, which introduces the printing raw paste, paint direct printing, resist printing, digital inkjet printing, special printing, etc.; the fourth chapter is cotton fabric finishing, including general finishing. Resin finishing, functions of cotton fabrics The fifth chapter Image Manipulation Service is ecological textiles, which specifically introduces textile ecology, ecological textiles and ecological textile standards. The theme of the second part is the dyeing and finishing of polyester and its blended fabrics, which is divided into four chapters: the first chapter in With the development and progress of the times, with the rapid economic growth, science and technology have also made great progress. Among them, the continuous improvement and updating of computer technology is the symbol of scientific and technological progress. A very important computer technology - image processing technology has been used in various fields, such as the construction industry, the design industry or the painting industry. With the continuous advancement of technology, web design has become a more popular topic nowadays. The scope of early web design was not extensive, but now it has entered all walks of life, precisely because it has become more and more popular, demand The amount is also increasing, and simple programming software can no longer meet the current stage of web design. The application of advanced computer image processing technology to web design can effectively improve the efficiency and quality of design. This paper analyzes the application of computer image processing technology and explores how it can be better used in web design.web design; computer; image processing technology 1 Introduction Internet publicity can attract widespread attention of people in society.